Corporate Services

(Housing finder, Non Profit fundraising, Semi marketing and promoting (Ideas), relocation services, Visiting the city arrangements, Coordinating and Implementing conferences, Lunch Delivery, Floral and Gift Deliveries, On-site employee appreciation parties, last minute luncheons with a client, birthday and anniversary reminders, flower and gift delivery, food baskets, holiday gifts shopping, wrapping and delivery, transportation arrangements for your business and personal guests, local activities, tours, hotel and dining reservations. Airline Reservations Only- also included SMALL BUSINESS CORPORATE SERVICES)

Event Planning & Meetings

(Dinner Parties, Bridal Showers, Flowers for any occasion, Holiday Parties, Wedding Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Timelines and Organization, Supply Shopping, As part of the Corporate Concierge we offer this service. You can call on your personal concierge whether you need assistance with creating a memorable company holiday party, setting up a small board meeting for a handful of guests, organizing a terrific client event, arranging a management retreat, or needing a suite at the one of our home teams games.

Bulk Notary servicess

(5-30 documents)

Courier Services

(West University, Medical Center, Bellaire, Greenway/Upper Kirby, South Hampton, River Oaks, Montrose, Midtown)1-5 miles; 5-10 miles;10-15 miles outside the nearest area that we service.

Reminders & Mailings

(Gift Shopping, Holiday Reminders, Special event Reminders, Holiday Mailings, Special event Mailings, Cards, Invitations, Christmas wrapping gifts)

Maternity & Infant Services

(Nursery Prep, Organization, Hospital Prep, Vendor Referrals, Baby Registry and Gifts, Baby Showers)

To-Do List Errands

(Per Customer Request- Vacation Services (mail pickup, water plants, check on house), wait for repair/utilities person, house sitting)

Personal Contracted Vendor Referrals

(1-5 referrals Highly Recommended; Pre-screened landscapers, housekeeping, babysitters and nanny referrals, painters, plumbers, interior designers, personal chefs, personal trainers, hair salons, massage therapists, spiritual advisory services, and more)

Luxury Rentals

(Cars, Reserve Fine Dining, Luxury Housing etc.)



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You may consider a weekly booking to help manage the ongoing, plus all those things that crop up.

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